I’m a SAHM, which I feel has challenges as previously described in another post.  I love my children more than life itself, seriously, but I also need a break.  Seriously!  Can I please just poop by myself?  All you parents out there know what I’m talking about.  There is an age gap between my older and younger kids and so I’m pretty sure the last time I took a private bowel movement was about 3 1/2 years ago, before Little #3 was born!

So, those of you who work outside the home, or maybe don’t but have lots of fun activities that keep you busy in constructive ways all day, may not know that we SAHMs don’t sit home watching Days of Our Lives and sipping lattes.  I’m sure some of you, maybe my own husband included (eye roll emoji here), wonder what the hell we do with our time all day?  To be fair, legitimate question…but I double dog dare ya to really ask one of us that in real life!  Haha.  But seriously, the daily mundane tasks of staying home with whatever number of dependent little creatures you may have, can become overwhelming, boring and make you feel like Cinderella for the lack of appreciation you feel.  

Fear not, my friends!  My solution for you offers benefits galore.  Volunteer.  Yep, I really mean it.  Go somewhere you feel strongly about and do work for someone else for no pay.  Wait, that kinda sounds like home, doesn’t it?  But I digress.  

I strongly encourage this for everyone.  The value of volunteering cannot be stated strongly enough.  So many of us have completely given up our own careers, or at least taken somewhat of a hit to upward mobility, and likely to impressive salaries, in order to support our spouses.  Our resumes reflect this.  Volunteering somewhere can breathe new life and relevance into your dry old resume!  It helps you meet like-minded people who support something you believe in.  You can learn new skills and become a leader in a role you may have never considered.  You get to help people and be part of a mission in a way that can actually be measured as monetary value by the organization, but not cost them anything…which makes you the most VALUABLE ASSET!  This is especially important for nonprofits.  Volunteers helping to accomplish their mission allows them to push more of their resources towards the mission versus paying salary and benefits to more employees.

Stepping down off my soap box here, but you catch my drift?  I have volunteered collectively for 5 years at one organization and held three different leadership positions there.  I love the mission and I feel good when I help someone.  Would I love some income?  Hell, yeah!  But, I tried that (see last post), and this is not the time in my life for working.  And again, I LOVE where I volunteer.  It gets me away from my domestic and parenting duties for a few hours a week to interact with other grown ups!  Occasionally, there are weeks when I cannot go, like right now due to the viral contagion that is my fourth child.  These weeks my level of alcohol consumption goes up and healthy eating goes down!!  See the connection?  Getting my little bit of time away is SO good for me!

Pick an organization near you that you believe in, and see what kind of volunteer program they have!  Some that come to mind:

Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society


Fleet & Family Support Center

American Red Cross


Other animal rescues

Homeless or domestic violence shelters

Your kids’ school

Be a kids’ sports coach

…the list goes on and on!

Please, share a comment below if you have a favorite organization that you volunteer for!  Tell us what you do and why you love it.  And THANK YOU for what you do there.  Please subscribe and share widely!! 

Cheers & Love, 



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