Ever have those days when you feel like you want to just give the world the middle finger?  Come on, be honest, really.  Yeah, me, too.  Like now.  By the end of the year, the toxic combination of COVID-19 and the “needs of the Navy” will have resulted in 2020 providing me a generous 30-ish days with my spouse physically present in my life.  And to write with complete, gritty honesty, it eff-ing sucks.

Photo by Andre Hunter on Unsplash

I am empty.  I am frustrated.  I am kinda resentful.  But most of all, I am exhausted.  And I feel kinda rebellious….so here it is, the things that I can think of that seem like they may help.  Now I realize these may not be productive, positive ways to deal with stress, but right now I don’t care.  So if you’re a therapist, or a life coach, or just a die hard optimist, maybe you should stop reading.  I am raw.  I am salty and tear-worn.  And I am angry.  So I need to vent.  Some of these I may really do or have done, others I may fantasize about doing.  Never will I disclose which is which.  And neither do I advise for or against the following actions…

  1. Hit the nearest 7-11 or tobacconist for a pack of Djarum clove smokes.  I hear that the sweetness upon the lips when inhaled is quite pleasant.  You will definitely feel rebellious!
  2. Treat yourself to a GREAT dinner.  Whatever is your fancy, prime rib, lobster, or a very fine wine with appetizers….you deserve it!  Eat up.
  3. Check out a Destruction Room near you.  Apparently someone is making dough off allowing people to channel their frustrations on household objects. Genius bastard.
  4. Pick your poison…beer? Wine? Tequila?  (See previous post on tequila and pop tarts!). Just be sure not to drive.
  5. Hit me with your best shot!!  Grab your 16 ounce gloves and hit that heavy bag.  I will tell you, this is one I HAVE done and it feels damn good.  You can even picture whomever’s face you want on the bag and imagine that you’re hitting them!!  This one IS productive!  Get healthy AND imagine punching the lights out of someone without an assault charge!!  Win-win.
  6. Dabble in some herbs.  This is only advisable if it’s legal where you are.  Or if you are a true rebel, but the ramifications are yours alone to accept.  Be it edibles, wax vape, or the original bong or doobie….relaxation and a certain state of laissez-faire are yours to savor.
  7. Pierce something.  Tattoo something.  Be bold and daring.  Don’t worry, you can laser it off later.
  8. Light up a fire pit.  Something about fire consuming logs feels powerful yet mesmerizingly relaxing at the same time.  Please keep a charged garden hose handy.
  9. Netflix.  And chill, if that works for you.  But binging on a great series seems a bit decadent and can definitely distract you from whatever troubles you.  Why not step into a fantasy world?
  10. Doom scrolling….Pinterest.  Amazon.  Reddit.  Twitter.  Insta.  Facebook….
  11. Adopting new pets.  Need a new something to love and nurture and avoid your own life’s problems?!  Hit up the local rescue and love on something furry.  Just remember, it’s supposed to be a fur-ever home, not just a few months of relief from quarantine boredom.

Are you in an FML state of mind?  Global pandemic got you down?  Kids making you lose your cool?  See if any of these rebellious things works for your, or maybe read your favorite snarky blog (wink, wink…please subscribe!).  We’re all in this together, so feel free to comment below to share you own very productive ways of stress relief.

Cheers and love,


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