My last post, LOST, was kinda sad and lonely. 

Periodically, I read back on my posts.  I really do enjoy writing and sharing my truth and hope that shared experiences can help others, my old age (haha) and wisdom can educate someone and maybe help something in their life be a little easier.  After reading LOST, my very bestest best friend in the whole world, who knows me better than anyone else in the universe (you know, the one that would help you hide the body?), said she had a hard time knowing I was struggling, since she thought I had everything I wanted here.   And so I tried to explain that the things I related about missing in the last post were about the transition happening in my military lifestyle.  But she’s definitely right in the part about having what I wanted here.  So now, I am writing about what I have FOUND!

This is my lake view on a summer afternoon…not too shabby!
  1. Her, my bestie.  Only once for about 5 months have I had the chance to live near her since well before I was married.  It think the last time we roomed together was in 1997 (yep, I’m THAT old, and we’ve been attached at the hip for even longer!).  That’s a really long time to be separated from the person who breathes peace and love into your soul.  She is MY PERSON, and she lives just over 2 miles away and can, and would, be at my side in 5 minutes if I needed her to be.  MY PERSON.
  2. Family.  Mine are varying short drives away, between 35-60 minutes.  Hub’s are 3-ish hours.  It’s been over 10 years since we’ve lived this close.  More recently, we lived on the East Coast, but still a 10+ hour drive away.  This is perfect.  That village that we lack for most, if not all, of our nomadic military lives is actually here.  I have found a village!
  3. My starter lake house.  Heehee.  That’s what I call it.  Our house is on a pond, technically (see above pic, decide for yourself).  I’m not certain what delineates between a pond and a lake, but I’m guessing maybe size?  But ours is the perfect size, and I like calling it my lake house.  All summer we swim, kayak, paddle board and fish the lake.  Year round, we walk wooded trails that encircle it.  I sit in my sun room and watch the rain fall on the lake or the cold winter fog roll over the lake, sip coffee or wine, and take naps.  I have great neighbors and a beautiful yard.  I send my teens outside waving brooms like crazy little banshees to chase off the Canada geese so they don’t leave poodle-sized turds in my yard.  I have enough rooms for all my children and still have a sun room, office space and crafting area to spare.  I love it.  I know.  I am privileged with more than enough and stable housing.  I know.
  4. Location.  Location.  Location.  Having returned to American during COVID lockdowns, from the super strict setting in Japan, I am SO grateful for the location of my house.  It’s convenient to going out for things, but even more so, has delivery available of practically anything we need!  I thank my lucky stars for Amazon, Fed Ex, Grub hub, Door Dash, etc!!  The only thing better for this purpose in Japan was their Amazon, which we lovingly called Jamazon, and they delivered liquor right to our door!  YES!  To.  Our. Door.  Full sized liquor.  But I digress.  My house is close enough to the suburban box-store conveniences (2-9 miles, depending on preferred store), but yet perfectly tucked away in a small county setting that has trees, grass, space to breathe!  And really the only noise is that of the airport, which obvs feels totally normal to me.  Oh yeah, there’s also a firing range I can hear, but compared to jets, that noise is barely noticeable.
  5. Opportunity.  This is such an endless perk!  I found a great match in my part time job. The employment opportunities here are so diverse.  There are many healthcare options, both in the military setting (Air Force and Army Hospitals right here, Navy just a short drive away) and civilians, specialists, dentists, you name it.  Schools are great, and include colleges.  There is also culture in every direction.  Venues abound for music, drama, and more.  There are museums, zoos, botanical gardens, shopping, education, nature trails and parks, beaches, farms, markets,…it’s such a great balance.  Again, I know, privileged.

So, I have found much!  And in this, I have found happiness and peace and some degree less stress.  Two days in a row last week, I got all 4 kids out of the house to schools at 2 different report times to 3 different schools, and myself off to work with NO meltdowns or yelling, and my hair and teeth were brushed AND I was wearing a bra.  It’s a freaking miracle!  I did show up with one kid not wearing shoes yesterday (Ok, they were in the car, but when I pushed her out the mini van door, they weren’t on her feet!!) and her teeth weren’t brushed today.  I don’t expect perfection.  But it’s been damn close.

Cheers and love,


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