Just a quick check in and some unsolicited advice, much more light hearted than recent posts!  We all need to lighten up sometimes, right?  And I’m feeling pretty good today…

1-To the mama from my kids’ school who pulled over to yank a puking toddler out of the car this morning-I feel ya.  I’m sorry your weekend is starting off cleaning vomit out of a 5-point harness car seat.  It totally sucks, and I was in the same position about 2 months ago.  Bleach, bleach , bleach, and then a double cocktail for you!

Photo by Tasha Jolley on Unsplash

2-Here’s to great endings and new beginnings…today I left a really good part time job where I felt I have accomplished what I set out to do, and have done well for others, and now eagerly lean forward into my next Big Thing.  I am working on a business plan.  More to come on this, but I am EXCITED.  Standby my friends…

3-Keep learning from the world around you.  However that appears for you…college, documentaries, online webinars or simply watching the wonder in the eyes of a Little person as they discover the world around them in innocent amazement.  We can all embrace being lifelong learners!

4-Take care of you.  Remember what brings you joy and actively go after it.  Today is riddled with so much stress, violence, sadness, inequity.  It is so overwhelming, and can drown us.  So sometimes everyone needs to just step back.  Put down the phone.  Do NOT check the news sites.  Maybe even take a social media break.  But find your thing, your joy, and soak it  up.  Our souls need care taking like this, and I dunno about you, but I definitely neglect my own care taking.  Not to toot my own horn, but as a mom of 4, I am constantly taking care of someone else, so I leave myself in the dust!  I need to get my body moving.  Not only am I super fat for me (yes, I know, I’m self-body-shaming), but I also frequently feel stiff and tight in my movements.  That makes me feel old, so I need to the get onto the movement/exercise bandwagon, like, NOW.

Cheers and Love,


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