Today was a doozy.  Everything in my day feels hyper-sensitized.  Bigger than life.  Like the ultimate, uncomfortable juxtaposition.

I’m gonna give you a couple definitions from Merriam-Webster:

Blessing-a thing conducive to happiness or welfare

Blight-something that impairs or destroys

Tonight, I sit here after a really long, but productive, day, and I reflect on these words.

Today was rife with both.


Something that impairs or destroys.

The people of Ukraine are fighting for their lives against an asshole tyrant who wishes to overtake and rule them.  Putin is destroying lives, homes, families, and schools.  He is a blight.

After four weeks, the missing 4 year old in the town next to mine is STILL. MISSING. I searched one day for him in the salt marshes with the other local volunteers.  I am not dense, I know he’s probably dead.  And my heart breaks for that baby boy.  The general thinking seems to be that his father is responsible in some way.  The dad remains in custody for other “unrelated” child neglect charges, as Codi Bigsby remains missing.  His negligent father is a blight.

A local family in our neighborhood lost everything to a house fire in the wee hours of this morning.  The 94 year old owner was the original owner of the 35-ish year old home in my neighborhood.  Her grandson lived with her.  They and the cat escaped safely.  The home appears to be a total loss.  House fires are a blight.


A thing conducive to happiness or welfare.

Today I was offered a job at a really exciting nonprofit that has a mission that I can really stand behind.  Super part time.  Conducive to my lifestyle demands.  Something really meaningful and impactful.  And my 15 year old daughter had her first job interview.  Jobs are a blessing. 

Photo by Eric Prouzet on Unsplash

I helped the family who lost their house to fire.  I took them cat supplies.  I bought them some snack food.  I cooked them a hot, home cooked dinner.  I listened to the homeowner, Marie, talk about her life in that house with her husband, and raising their boys.  My heart broke for her.  Another neighbor housed her and her grandson until extended family arrived.  Other neighbors brought food, clothes, a walker.  Neighbors are a blessing.  Firefighters are a blessing.

I got so much done today.  I baked 6 dozen cookies.  I washed 3 loads of laundry (but did NOT fold & put away, honoring my good friend Kim).  I grocery shopped virtually.  I lost 2 more pounds!   Productivity is a blessing.  

My two younger children shed hope upon my day.  They wanted to hear about the fire again and again as they struggled to understand it.  They drew happy pictures (hearts, flowers, pizza, etc)  for the family, which were so well received, and heartwarming.  My kindergarten daughter, in her “God time” at Catholic school, prayed for the family who lost their house.  Children are a blessing.  Hope is a blessing.

Sometimes, we all probably find it difficult to find balance in our lives, between blights and blessings.  Balance is important.  Too much blight beats us down.  Too much blessing creates privilege and entitlement.  Often we cannot control the balance, but many times we can.

I wish you balance.  May the Blessings outweigh the Blights, yet always keep you humble.

Cheers and love,


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