When I started this blog, I had about eight or ten ideas that I thought would be really good posts once developed.  Now as I progress and am several posts into it, there have been moments of panic…what if I can’t think of anything good to write about, that people might actually care to read?  And that is a very real fear!  But the truth is, life just throws me things, situations, days of hell or delight, that inspire me to write.  For whatever reason that any writer wants to share…I want to share.  And I guess it doesn’t always have to be some really heavy, deeply thoughtful conversation, right?

Life is so dynamic that the reason I may start a post (in this case a purely awful day), may change by the time I get around to sitting back down to my laptop and finishing what I started.  This is the case here.  

I started this post in the absolute throes of despair as a newish parent of a teen (May of this year).  She was being rude, disrespectful, and flat out cruel.  None of the rest of us in the family were worthy of her precious time or acknowledgement. I got a sitter and went to her band performance, and when I greeted her afterwards to congratulate her, I got a glare and rude comment before she disappeared for an hour under the guise of stowing away the performance gear.  On the same day, my toddler peed his bed overnight AND during his nap (WTF?!?) and the preschooler came home from preschool completely ornery.  It truly felt the stars were aligned against me.  And then we have the dramatic tween….would this day just end please?

Then today, as I finish this post on a different day, and change it a bit, I am happy to report that dinner is fed and cleaned up by 6pm, both Bigs are upstairs practicing their instruments (which I am still rather certain the neighbors may cringe through, between the two of them not playing the same thing at any given time), it’s almost bedtime for the Littles, and I have a cocktail in hand!  WIN!!!

This is the cycle of life, right?  One day is great, the next is awful, and then back to great again…..at some point.  Maybe there are a few days of awful in between, but it usually comes back to a day or two of good, just to balance out life.  Though uncomfortable and sometimes downright unbearable and horrid, the bad days help us to appreciate the really great ones.  I am just thankful that today is a good one! Hope yours is, too.

Cheers and Love, 


Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

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