What do you do when you’re having “a day”??  What causes you to have one of those days?  And most significantly, how do you get out of it?  How do you recover?

The truth is, and I am being super raw and vulnerable here, frequently I will turn to a cocktail.  Perhaps in the eyes of some that may seem weak.  In the eyes of others, I get a “cheers” as glasses clink together with a knowing look of “Hell, yeah!”.  And still to others I may get a worried eyebrow raise.  But here’s the thing, I am still able to maintain my limits and boundaries.  But that’s a whole other post.

When you have “a day”, what brings it on?  Is it arguing kids?  Procedures that become a nightmare, such as getting a new dependent (grrr, I hate that word) ID card with a power of attorney while hubs is deployed?  A teacher who is grossly misinterpreting your child’s behavior at school?  Or maybe it’s your spouse, acting detached and distant or perhaps even passive-aggressive while you are trying to navigate preparing the kids for his next departure for a work trip, or worse, a deployment?  There are so many trying events in our lives that can cause “a day”.  It seems like just when you conquer one trial, there comes the next one.  It’s that bastard Murphy again.  It never fails that when you feel completely in control of whatever life circumstances you are dealt, you are proverbially slapped in the face by Murphy, or Karma, or whomever is your spiritual adversary.

For me, some of the above things cause me to have one of those days.  Frequently it’s the kids or the hubs.  Sometimes it’s my personal crap, like a failure to stay on task with my meal plan, or not working out, or whatever.  Sometimes it’s some bad news in the world of politics, or yet another devastating school shooting somewhere, or even just some sort of weather that foils my plans to run the Littles’ energy out at the playground.  Who knows, as we all have our own personal triggers for a bad day, right?

But I think what’s more important that our triggers, is how we deal with them.  A glass of wine or a margarita?  A killer workout or run?  Some quiet music and a hot bath?  Yoga?  Reading?  Zoning out in front of the tv?  There really are more ways that we could deal with stress than could be listed here.  What’s important is that it works for you in a way that isn’t harmful.  While I do love a good cocktail, my most potent and favorite way to de-stress after a bad or difficult day is through music.  I respond to a bad day’s stress with sorta girl power music, and one of my favorites when I’m feeling pushed down is Andra Day’s “Rise Up.”  Its soulful and deep and riles my inner sense of power.  I love it.  What’s yours?  What’s your song?  What’s your drink?  What’s your workout?  Please, share your tricks…!

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Cheers and love,


Photo by Aarón Blanco Tejedor on Unsplash

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